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Stop following the "blind" on other noisy stock forums

ResearchRow prides itself on being an environment that provides realistic investors the essential tools to do research on their investments, with the goal of making better financial decisions. The more knowledge you have, the better investment choices that can be made; whether it’s to buy, sell, hold, or wait.

Unlike other social forums that allow users to continuously post false information, ResearchRow helps eliminate fictitious postings by:

Establishing a
User Reputation System
to hold "Researchers" accountable and rewarding those who do great research.
Using a proprietary
Points Algorithm
to assign scores to each post. This score is based on a variety of factors, including how fellow Researchers rate it's quality... no (sometimes bias) administrators needed to highlight or remove posts. The better reputation you have, the more your opinion is valued!
Quickly knowing
which Researchers to follow
with ResearchRow's unique tools providing the ability to show only the posts that the community deems as reputable.
Ranking each Researcher
overall and within specific boards, based on: post scores, participation within the system, chosen stock performance and more!

Having an effective and reliable user-rating system is a game changer.

Ying Zhang author of
Stock Message Boards: A Quantitative Approach to Measuring Investor Sentiment
Join ResearchRow, the new stock message board website that allows users to rate one another's posts, communicate with their followers through broadcasts, and research investments.

Ready to show others what type of Researcher you are?!

Some of the unique features we offer:

Researchers can add upcoming catalysts, which are then verified by other users, organized in a way to know what will possibly move the stock.


Promote your own research to those that are most interested in hearing from you, your followers, creating a potential to monetize your astute efforts.


Create drafts of your own research or reference research from others to be easily edited and loaded into a board post when prepared.


Remember what you are doing with each investment, jot notes for a later date, and bookmark all your investments for efficient navigation to each board.


No more waiting for a great post to be pinned, worthy research is displayed in the Top Posts section based on board member ratings.


The higher the reputation you have within a specific board, the more your likes/dislikes weigh in a post's score.

The list continues and we are constantly rolling out new features to provide a new kind of stock message board community that crushes "yesterday's forums."