1. cfpalombo
2. 5todabar
3. knightofthebrown
5. dpcrash
1.TRADER32RAIDER 11/27/2017
Square Downgraded On Valuation After Bitcoin-Fueled Run-Up
2.dpcrash 11/17/2017
Square Stock Surges Following Upgrade at Evercore
3.5todabar 11/21/2017
ON autopilot
4.TRADER32RAIDER 02/05/2018
5.5todabar 01/19/2018
This Bull Sees a Bright Future Ahead for Square Inc
6.cfpalombo 11/21/2017
The chart is very steep. {Image}
7.knightofthebrown 02/28/2018
Square Inc (SQ) Tempts Analyst on the Sidelines to Boost Price Target Following Encouraging Q4 Show
8.SebastianXL 11/27/2017
Ok, $30! They are expecting a 40% drop from Friday? If so, I will be loading up down there
9.cfpalombo 02/21/2018
BTIG Urges Investors to Sell Square Inc (SQ) and Buy LendingClub Corp (LC)
10.knightofthebrown 11/17/2017
SQ is now a proxy for Bitcoin
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