1. MinistryofCharts
2. 007Bondsman
3. stocksurfer
4. doubleuu
5. onedogshy
1.007Bondsman 10/27/2017
$34’s looking great
2.MinistryofCharts 11/30/2017
Talks done
3.doubleuu 02/07/2018
Credit Suisse raises PT
4.stocksurfer 11/30/2017
Well that sux
5.007Bondsman 04/25/2018
Axalta Releases First Quarter 2018 Results
6.MinistryofCharts 02/06/2018
I would like to read an analysis of $AXTA
7.MinistryofCharts 10/27/2017
What are the odds?
8.stocksurfer 10/27/2017
Axalta shares rocket 20% after report of potential merger talks
9.007Bondsman 08/10/2018
Berkshire Hathaway increases passive stake slightly to 10.1%
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