2. hockeynutz4
3. 05flight4505
1.05flight4505 02/06/2018
News that a former Expedia Board member Jay Hoag's firm Technology Crossover Ventures
2.hockeynutz4 02/14/2018
Board of Directors authorized up to $250 million of share repurchases
3.SEANHARLOWS 02/06/2018
waking the beast
4.hockeynutz4 11/07/2017
Tripadvisor Inc (TRIP) Revenue Falls on Disappointing Third QuarterTripadvisor Inc (NASDAQ:TRIP) joins the long list of online booking avenues that were hit hard by the hurricanes that hit Florida and
5.SEANHARLOWS 02/06/2018
We were even up yesterday during the meltdown!
6.SEANHARLOWS 11/07/2017
Why did I buy this at $45?!
7.hockeynutz4 11/07/2017
Travel industry ad wars hurting Expedia, Priceline and TripAdvisor stocks
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