1. elitebio30
2. artiestroke
3. AaronFrasier
4. TheGriper
5. shiryteach
1.indigomoondrops 03/14/2018
up 7.30%.
2.shiryteach 01/26/2018
Renewed takeover chatter with Salesforce being mentioned once again as a potential suitor
3.TheGriper 02/07/2018
Top Analyst Sees Twitter Inc as a Risky Bet Ahead of Tomorrow's 4Q Print
4.STOCKnLAW 01/26/2018
No idea if this is true
5.artiestroke 02/08/2018
RBC Capital raises to sector perform
6.shiryteach 01/29/2018
buy more
7.shiryteach 01/20/2018
Executive change coming
8.artiestroke 02/07/2018
Up very nicely!!
9.AaronFrasier 10/25/2017
The dog days of twitter investor
10.elitebio30 02/07/2018
Pay attention to the chart
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