1. mihoudini
2. rickert58
3. markb071
4. remembermellow
5. otf92
1.markb071 05/10/2018
Reports April revs increased 4.1% YoY to NT$12.4 bln
2.markb071 02/09/2018
Reported January sale of NT$13.18M (+4.1% Y/Y)
3.remembermellow 06/08/2018
UMC Reports Sales for May 2018
4.mihoudini 01/26/2018
Reports Q4 EPADS of NT$0.75 and revenue of NT$36.63B (-4.4% Y/Y)
5.rickert58 01/26/2018
UMC Reports Fourth Quarter 2017 Results
6.rickert58 03/10/2018
UMC Reports Sales for February 2018
7.rickert58 01/24/2018
More dd - Credit Suisse raises to neutral from underperform
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