1. cksa7
2. ftbensoldier
3. nagwalopez
4. cpcplodd7
5. vasilateanu
1.cpcplodd7 01/25/2018
Agree, but not much lower
2.cpcplodd7 01/28/2018
Analyst downgrade
3.cksa7 01/22/2018
New version of cloud OS
4.vasilateanu 11/30/2017
Nutanix shares wobbly as results, outlook top Street view; software pivot confirmed
5.ftbensoldier 01/26/2018
Nutanix Inc: Valuation Offsets Savvy
6.cksa7 01/25/2018
News Today:
7.ftbensoldier 01/25/2018
Anyone buying at this level?
8.mlbstore 01/25/2018
Hope so, will buy more
9.cksa7 01/31/2018
Pretty big news!
10.nagwalopez 01/25/2018
Going below support
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