1. lea4582et
2. streetstock43rac
3. zpc9909
4. mmagwitz
5. imaflygirlpilot
1.streetstock43rac 01/08/2018
a little news - Agios Outlines Key 2018 Priorities Expanding Clinical and Research Programs to Drive Long Term Value
2.mmagwitz 01/18/2018
Stock rebounded and did better than I thought, down only 3%
3.lea4582et 01/18/2018
Pricing of $475 Million Public Offering
4.zpc9909 02/14/2018
Misses EPS loss estimates by $0.15 and misses on revenues
5.lea4582et 01/17/2018
Agios Announces Proposed Offering of Common Stock - up to $400 million
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