1. kinkibichoice
2. houseOblocks
3. pyreiella
4. charryllheartste
5. furibundusasper
1.pyreiella 01/29/2018
Cowen & Company reiterates as an outperform
2.houseOblocks 01/25/2018
Beats EPS estimates by $0.02 and beats on revenues
3.houseOblocks 10/23/2017
Great DD on seekingalpha
4.kinkibichoice 04/24/2018
GREAT BUYING here imo!!
5.kinkibichoice 04/24/2018
Freeport-McMoRan Reports First-Quarter March 31, 2018 Results
6.kinkibichoice 02/06/2018
Any recommendations for DD on $FCX?
7.pyreiella 10/25/2018
The company reported copper sales of more than a billion pounds for the quarter.
8.guesswho4505 04/24/2018
FCX headed to 15's...
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