1. chooseAside
2. joaniesee
3. wtxglf4
4. gamera6d
5. 49fix
1.wtxglf4 02/06/2018
Names new CEO
2.joaniesee 11/21/2017
That might help the bleeding
3.joaniesee 05/14/2018
GameStop Announces Appointment of Daniel A. DeMatteo as Interim Chief Executive Officer and Resignation of Michael K. Mauler
4.gamera6d 03/30/2018
5.wtxglf4 11/22/2017
They are not changing the dividend.
6.chooseAside 11/22/2017
HOPING!!!! Down some 40%
7.chooseAside 11/21/2017
GameStop posts surprise rise in comparable sales, raises forecast
8.joaniesee 11/10/2017
Everything going digital
9.chooseAside 03/30/2018
This should be good buy here
10.chooseAside 11/10/2017
Stock this year
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