1. howpilothero
2. budamiga4526
3. hiphopmusic
4. theblkflame
5. stacworkman
1.budamiga4526 02/26/2018
KBR Announces Financial Results for Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2017; Guidance for Fiscal 2018
2.howpilothero 01/15/2018
Great communication
3.howpilothero 03/14/2018
KBR Awarded Combat Water Supply System Contract for UK Ministry of Defence
4.hiphopmusic 02/28/2018
KBRwyle Signs Contract to become a Major Services Provider for Australian DoD
5.hiphopmusic 01/15/2018
liquidation shouldnt affect anything
6.budamiga4526 02/06/2018
Citigroup raises PT to $23 from $22
7.howpilothero 02/26/2018
KBR Steps Up Expansion into High End Government Services with Acquisition of SGT
8.budamiga4526 01/15/2018
KBR Assures No Disruptions on UK Defense Project
9.howpilothero 03/28/2018
KBR Awarded Ammonia Plant Contract for HURL Project in India
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