1. jbtaylor25
2. dmilad
3. skyking74
4. grab468ozark
5. sheredwards4
1.jbtaylor25 01/24/2018
2.dmilad 01/25/2018
Citigroup raises PT to $10 from $8
3.grab468ozark 01/24/2018
Bought more this morning when it gapped
4.skyking74 04/10/2018
McDermott Completes Phase 1 of QGEP Atlanta Early Production System
5.skyking74 01/24/2018
More news out !
6.jbtaylor25 01/23/2018
Firsts Post! Upgrade News
7.skyking74 01/26/2018
Sees FY18 adj. EPS of $0.42-0.52 vs $0.40
8.jbtaylor25 01/24/2018
2018 has been nice
9.sheredwards4 01/26/2018
2018 Guidance
10.michaelj67 01/25/2018
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