1. SaulGoodman
2. ballad55
3. dcooney000
4. PortfolioPaulie87
5. heyjosh
1.heyjosh 02/28/2018
NICE inContact CXone Delivers Big Payoff of $25.9 Million For Representative 1,100 Seat Organization
2.ballad55 04/26/2018
NICE to acquire Mattersight for $2.70/share
3.dcooney000 02/06/2018
NICE Actimize Webinar Addresses Impact of Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Investigations on Anti-Money Laundering Operations
4.dcooney000 05/22/2018
Riverside County Sheriff's Department Deploys Latest NICE Next Generation 9-1-1-ready Recording and Incident Intelligence Technology
5.SaulGoodman 01/25/2018
$NICE new contract here
6.dcooney000 01/18/2018
NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!! - NICE inContact CXone Further Expands SMS Functionality with Textel to Improve Customer Experience
7.SaulGoodman 04/30/2018
NICE inContact CXone Spring 2018 Release Introduces New Omnichannel Customer Experience Insights, Enhanced Workforce Collaboration and Elevated Omnichannel Customer Experiences
8.SaulGoodman 01/22/2018
More Great News - agent for Salesforce
9.kmck7668 05/14/2018
NICE Announces Adaptive Workforce Optimization 2.0 to Drive Employee Engagement Through Innovative Personalization
10.SaulGoodman 05/03/2018
NICE Cognitive Robotic Automation Platform Expands on Amazon Lex's Self-Service Capabilities by Transforming Chatbot Requests Into Real-Time Customer Fulfillment
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