1. edenalexandra794
2. hlatko
3. pyronious
4. crie3417
5. looking2greatdea
1.edenalexandra794 01/26/2018
Need newsssss - Reports Q4 EPS of $1.51 (seeing some report it as an EPS beat of $0.20). Beats on revenues.
2.hlatko 01/11/2018
Northern Trust to Acquire Technology and Software Development Resources from Citadel
3.crie3417 06/28/2018
Announces repurchase plan of up to $1.0 billion in common stock
4.edenalexandra794 01/30/2018
5.hlatko 03/27/2018
Northern Trust Asset Management Expands Relationship with Minority-Owned Brokers
6.edenalexandra794 01/25/2018
Saw this today: - Morgan Stanley raises PT to $104 from $91
7.pyronious 01/25/2018
Credit Suisse raises PT to $100 from $99
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