1. steh3587
2. blacklodger
3. preynolds097
4. davidcraigdunn
5. codcoleu1ou0m4sl
1.doughwd23 09/29/2017
Fiasp approved
2.preynolds097 03/26/2018
Announces that the FDA has approved an update to the US prescribing information for Tresiba to include data f…
3.blacklodger 02/05/2018
Ugly day
4.steh3587 03/23/2018
Ozempic approved in Japan for the treatment of type 2 diabetes
5.steh3587 02/01/2018
Reports FY17 operating profit by 1% in 2017 to DKK 49 billion; revs were broadly unchanged at DKK 112 billion
6.davidcraigdunn 05/29/2018
Announces results from PIONEER 2 trial
7.blacklodger 09/29/2017
Novo Nordisk A/S Gained 12% in August
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