1. DayOneToday
2. bigbooter16
3. blackclouds
4. jmn3709
1.DayOneToday 02/14/2018
SPO Advisory (John Scully) discloses updated portfolio positions in 13F filing: Closed Position
2.bigbooter16 05/01/2018
Oasis Petroleum Inc. Announces Financial, Operational and Guidance Updates
3.blackclouds 11/07/2017
$78% of revs derived from oil, with share price correlation to oil of 90.9 % (highest in the sector)
4.jmn3709 05/08/2018
Credit Suisse sets PT at $14
5.bigbooter16 01/30/2018
More bad news, although still higher
6.DayOneToday 01/24/2018
Morgan Stanley cuts PT to $10 from $11
7.DayOneToday 11/07/2017
Energy heating up here
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