1. pennycats
2. elitebio30
3. hockeynutz4
4. skinsfan01
5. richard505080bh
1.elitebio30 10/05/2017
Wide open door for EU partner for Omidria now. Looks like exclusivity for 15 years?
2.hockeynutz4 10/05/2017
Delays generic to 2032
3.pennycats 01/22/2018
Maxim Group sets PT at $24.
4.elitebio30 03/23/2018
I’m assuming shorts and others selling that bought prior
5.skinsfan01 10/27/2017
Need to get back to the $20s
6.elitebio30 03/22/2018
was out today {Image}
7.pennycats 01/23/2018
Nice $30 PT Set
8.hockeynutz4 03/22/2018
New spending bill includes segment allowing company to charge Medicare high prices for its cataract surgery …
9.pennycats 02/15/2018
Reports Significant Improvement
10.elitebio30 02/14/2018
Buy low.
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