1. rublemizers456
2. dennynut
3. 25omnihow
4. shaggy759
5. mjpiasecki20
1.25omnihow 10/03/2017
Lets see if it confirms things tomorrow, look what it did last jump
2.25omnihow 01/23/2018
Ocean Power Technologies Signs Agreement with Premier Oil
3.rublemizers456 10/19/2017
They do a raise every time this pops
4.dennynut 10/19/2017
yup, always pops then they kill it by diluting
5.rublemizers456 10/19/2017
They wasted no time in ruining it for retail shareholders.
6.rublemizers456 10/03/2017
I know at least once when I was in it, wasnt happy but I know they needed it. If they did it twice, then people are going to assume....
7.rublemizers456 10/03/2017
Stock is unpredictable
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