1. 20forMSFT
2. bleecher98street
3. ellisira7947
4. RetirementPlan1
5. pinoycowboy46
1.bleecher98street 03/07/2018
Rimini Street will receive court-ordered refund of nearly $50 million from Oracle; company will consider fur…
2.RetirementPlan1 01/29/2018
Nice client
3.RetirementPlan1 10/03/2017
Oracle is jumping on board the blockchain bus and could help drive it to the mainstream
4.ellisira7947 06/18/2018
Italian Core Banking Market Takes Major Leap Forward with Cabel and Oracle
5.20forMSFT 06/19/2018
business is changing,
6.RetirementPlan1 01/23/2018
7.7946manley049 03/20/2018
Sure. But when
8.20forMSFT 02/02/2018
Authorized the repurchase of up to an additional $12.0 billion of common stock
9.20forMSFT 02/14/2018
Oracle Argus Supports E2B(R3) Exchange with the European Medicines Agency's Enhanced EudraVigilance System
10.ellisira7947 03/20/2018
Q3 FY18 Cloud Revenues Up 32% to $1.6 Billion and Total Revenues Up 6% to $9.8 Billion
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