1. Fibonacci
2. theROW
3. TTrade333
4. WillSchibler79
5. tobogggan
1.theROW 10/23/2017
Chart is a little too hot
2.renstuff 01/22/2018
Overstock.com Inc Is the Wrong Way To Play Blockchain
3.TTrade333 12/01/2017
Should bounce off $40
4.WillSchibler79 02/06/2018
Announces the official launch of the Muriel Siebert & Co. discounted online trading
5.Fibonacci 01/31/2018
Company is offering robo-advising investment management services.
6.TTrade333 11/30/2017
Correction time
7.TTrade333 09/27/2017
$OSTK is now a crypto currency company and the stock is going bonkers
8.allenThetoolman 10/23/2017
Not sure why this stock is doing so well, not really a bitcoin play
9.Fibonacci 12/01/2017
Added some more $OSTK today.
10.sunstocks 12/18/2017
Do fundamentals match this chart?
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