1. catalystcrusin
2. dennynut
3. greymeridian92
4. BillyBob
5. cheek238
1.BillyBob 11/03/2017
30% they get bought 70% they go bankrupt
2.greymeridian92 02/21/2018
Pandora's focus on adding subscribers is paying off, CEO says
3.catalystcrusin 02/01/2018
Company announced job cuts and other cost-saving measures are expected to bring annualized savings of $45M to a…
4.greymeridian92 11/02/2017
It will be ugly tomorrow. Shorts will have their fun.
5.catalystcrusin 09/28/2017
Apple Music passes 30m subscribers
6.dennynut 11/02/2017
Sold half my position
7.dennynut 09/28/2017
$P Bought Dec calls at strike $9
8.greymeridian92 09/28/2017
This stock has a massive short interest. I looked for any news that would drop this today and found nothing anyone knows why it dropped any links to the news? Just because of the apple subs?
9.catalystcrusin 02/02/2018
Pandora Redesigns Organization to Drive Strategic Priorities and Accelerate Growth
10.dennynut 11/02/2017
Q4 Forecast Misses by a Mile
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