1. craigbucknall794
2. hali649
3. jared16pin
4. riojas2745
5. lilaccarolgard
1.hali649 02/12/2018
Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. Announces Proposed Public Offering of Common Stock
2.jared16pin 02/02/2018
Pacific Biosciences Announces Fourth Quarter and Annual 2017 Financial Results
3.hali649 03/26/2018
Pacific Biosciences Prevails in Patent Eligibility Ruling Against Oxford Nanopore
4.craigbucknall794 03/22/2018
Company prevails in patent eligibility ruling against Oxford Nanopore; trial is scheduled to occur in early …
5.craigbucknall794 02/01/2018
Beats EPS loss estimates by $0.02 and beats on revenues
6.riojas2745 02/08/2018
I've also added to my position but this isnt good
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