1. alexanderpyatshe
2. sidersall
3. crewofseven
1.crewofseven 07/02/2018
LaSalle Hotel shareholder Mudrick Capital expresses support for revised Pebblebrook merger proposal
2.sidersall 04/16/2018
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust Releases Letter to Board of LaSalle Hotel Properties, Revises Merger Proposal and Substantially Raises Offer Price
3.alexanderpyatshe 02/22/2018
Beats FFO estimates by $0.17. Revenues in-line.
4.alexanderpyatshe 06/11/2018
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust Submits Revised Higher Offer to Acquire LaSalle Hotel Properties
5.alexanderpyatshe 03/28/2018
Pebblebrook Hotel Trust Releases Letters to LaSalle Hotel Properties Proposing Merger
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