1. sindfx2eq
2. 646tinkerbell95
3. rushphile7996
4. DontGiveMeLip
5. zduspara4583
1.DontGiveMeLip 02/01/2018
Sees Q1 revenues of $20 to $22 million vs. $29 mln
2.DontGiveMeLip 02/02/2018
Today is one for the books! Reduced
3.rushphile7996 08/03/2018
4.zduspara4583 01/16/2018
Impinj to Announce Fourth Quarter and Year 2017 Financial Results
5.646tinkerbell95 05/08/2018
Yes sir!
6.rushphile7996 02/02/2018
Impinj Announces Preliminary Fourth Quarter 2017 Revenue, Reduced Outlook for First Quarter 2018
7.646tinkerbell95 02/02/2018
Sorry for any longs in this, never seen such a drop on ER!
8.zduspara4583 02/02/2018
Piper Jaffray cuts PT to $18 from $27.50
9.sindfx2eq 02/02/2018
Trying to figure out what to do
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