1. whackvet
2. thevelocitator
3. JasonJohnJacobs
4. michaelj67
5. kzucco
1.kzucco 09/28/2017
I wonder what was told in this morning's conference? Something good obviously. That's why the move.
2.thevelocitator 02/09/2018
Strong Buy
3.kzucco 10/18/2017
They are really trying to get rid of retail so institutions can buy cheap. Sad to see. Only longs will survive and will be rewarded
4.SEANHARLOWS 10/02/2017
Remember in theory 080 PII commencement now overdue. {Image}
5.SEANHARLOWS 09/28/2017
investor conference in NY
6.JasonJohnJacobs 10/18/2017
Need more institutions
7.whackvet 02/13/2018
wop wop.
8.whackvet 02/09/2018
PIRS {Image}
9.whackvet 02/13/2018
Wasnt trying to be
10.whackvet 10/19/2017
Why no PR?
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