1. WalkingDeader
2. bensynergy
3. WayOfTheLIGHT
4. shawngill0789
5. tgaller65
1.shawngill0789 11/13/2017
Duggan owns 41% now
2.tgaller65 11/11/2017
Should go back and listen to CC
3.shawngill0789 09/15/2017
Daytraders must be loving this week
4.WalkingDeader 11/10/2017
Up 50%
5.WalkingDeader 01/10/2019
Pulse Biosciences Announces Positive Clinical Results of Its Nano-Pulse Stimulation™ Technology Platform to Treat Patients with Sebaceous Hyperplasia Lesions on the Face
6.bensynergy 11/13/2017
Small pullback
7.WalkingDeader 09/13/2017
Wow, this seem logical
8.WalkingDeader 10/18/2017
$PLSE any info about FDA resubmission, trials, partnerships, etc will send this stock soaring to $30s
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