1. 457067
2. terrorsilverado
3. mrspeterpiper
4. andrepowel25
1.mrspeterpiper 09/28/2018
Sees FY19 EPS of $4.97-5.02 from $5.02-5.12
2.terrorsilverado 04/19/2018
3.mrspeterpiper 07/21/2018
PM closing up 4.22%.
4.andrepowel25 05/10/2018
expecting big things from its smoke-free products.
5.457067 04/19/2018
Well, Ok
6.457067 02/08/2018
Misses EPS estimates by $0.04. Beats on revenues.
7.terrorsilverado 03/15/2018
FDA is considering lowering nicotine standards
8.terrorsilverado 07/23/2018
Philip Morris is struggling to grow earnings in a tough environment.
9.andrepowel25 07/19/2018
Sees FY18 EPS of $5.02-5.12 from $5.15-5.30
10.terrorsilverado 04/19/2018
Smoking is no longer in
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