1. dakotamonrow
2. ballad55
3. TTrade333
4. naiche
5. imaflygirlpilot
1.ballad55 04/12/2018
2017 Corporate Sustainability Report highlights PPL's commitment to sustainability
2.dakotamonrow 10/07/2017
It is best not to attempt and discover falling knives but rather to sit tight to buy trigger flame arrangement. I am wagering it is close.
3.TTrade333 05/17/2018
PPL Corporation chairman says company remains well-positioned for future growth, success
4.imaflygirlpilot 02/12/2018
Seems like 20% poss
5.TTrade333 10/07/2017
Watching for an entry.
6.renstuff 10/07/2017
Good time to buy?
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