1. mrskellydaniels
2. nicky1662
3. mizred06
4. chestnut239
5. jono990
1.nicky1662 03/10/2018
PriceSmart Announces February Sales; Provides Guidance on the Preliminary Impact of U.S. Tax Reform; and also announces Earnings Release and Conference Call Dates for Second Quarter Fiscal Year 2018 F
2.chestnut239 04/05/2018
PriceSmart Announces Second Quarter Results of Operations
3.mrskellydaniels 03/07/2018
February comps +4.4%
4.mrskellydaniels 02/08/2018
Well,we have 15% upside
5.mrskellydaniels 03/19/2018
Acquired Aeropost, end-to-end cross-border package delivery service and online retailer headquartered in Mia…
6.mrskellydaniels 02/07/2018
Reports January comps up 0.5%; sales +6% to $244 mln
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