1. robflutie
2. DontGiveMeLip
3. patronhzu
4. AbeBuy
5. bluntman845
1.patronhzu 11/03/2017
They may prop it up
2.patronhzu 01/23/2018
Data from RG7916 Programs in SMA to be Presented at the International Scientific Congress on Spinal Muscular Atrophy
3.robflutie 09/28/2017
Did Adcom vote?
4.EquaFail 10/26/2017
I guess we are still hoping for the company to file the dispute resolution next week and then wait.
5.AbeBuy 10/26/2017
6.AbeBuy 09/28/2017
Ugg, AH sux
7.robflutie 10/25/2017
FDA declines to approve PTC's Duchenne drug[
8.DontGiveMeLip 09/28/2017
Where does this thing open?
9.EquaFail 09/28/2017
FDA Ad Com says data on PTC's Translarna inclusive, more needed to prove efficacy
10.robflutie 01/29/2018
Company presents preliminary data from FIREFISH trial in Type 1 SMA
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