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5. rbor2407
1.jayr94 08/08/2018
Jim Cramer on Tariffs, Tesla, Disney, Papa John's and Domino's
2.hconway70 07/23/2018
PZZA$46.88 (-9.1%)
3.hconway70 05/10/2018
Sales at the pizza maker continue to slump,
4.WillSchibler79 08/03/2018
Ongoing controversy surrounding founder John Schnatter may be pushing some customers away.
5.hconway70 07/12/2018
Forbes report of allegations made against Chairman, Founder & Former CEO John Schnatter
6.johns3388dcxj5yy 05/24/2018
M&A speculation circulating
7.johns3388dcxj5yy 09/13/2018
One analyst believes up to 250 stores could be at risk of closure if things dont turn around.
8.johns3388dcxj5yy 02/27/2018
Oppenheimer suggests Papa Johns is the more logical takeover target for Restaurant Brands
9.hconway70 03/07/2018
Peyton Manning sold his Papa Johns locations in the Denver area two days before the NFL switched to Pizza …
10.johns3388dcxj5yy 09/06/2018
CVS and Aetna, CBS, American Express, Papa John's - 5 Things You Must Know
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