1. tiolea
2. toryboy4990
3. pitlove65965
1.toryboy4990 04/12/2018
Launched two novel liquid biopsy panels to evaluate circulating tumor cells in prostate and lung cancers
2.toryboy4990 02/08/2018
News This PM!
3.tiolea 02/05/2018
agreed big news - Announces $200 mln share repurchase program
4.tiolea 02/05/2018
$QGEN- - QIAGEN Enters into Agreement to Acquire STAT-Dx, Plans to Launch a Next-Generation, Fully Integrated Multiplex Platform for Syndromic Disease Testing
5.tiolea 01/29/2018
Goldman Sachs initiates as a buy, $39PT
6.tiolea 02/02/2018
7.tiolea 04/13/2018
QIAGEN Launches AdnaTest Liquid Biopsy Kits in Prostate and Lung Cancer
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