1. sbonquist
2. Healydiz
3. etbubba
4. cndaegbrlaie
5. finebrat
1.Healydiz 02/02/2018
this thing is bombing. {Image}
2.Healydiz 02/02/2018
Hoping the gap fills then we take back off
3.sbonquist 02/01/2018
Atossa Genetics Presents Additional Findings in Breast Cancer Study - Shares Up in After Hours
4.cndaegbrlaie 01/31/2018
lmao... green falling on my lap!
5.Healydiz 02/01/2018
Atossa Genetics Inc Raises on Back of Positive Early Clinical Data in Breast Cancer
6.finebrat 01/31/2018
Atossa Genetics Inc: Could Accelerated Timelines to Approvals Lie Ahead? Jason Kolbert Weighs In
7.sbonquist 10/05/2017
How many trials do they have?
8.etbubba 01/28/2018
29% up!
9.finebrat 02/02/2018
Correction occurring, but for how long?
10.Healydiz 01/28/2018
Nice call for those who got in 30s
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