1. sinlesss4
2. gm11991
3. IttyBitty
4. wlo7669
1.IttyBitty 08/01/2018
Investors typically dont care for goals being referred to as aspirational.
2.gm11991 07/12/2018
among those that could be impacted by the various trade flaps.
3.gm11991 07/21/2018
Ferrari’s new CEO will be Louis Carey Camilleri, a former chairman of tobacco company Philip Morris
4.IttyBitty 12/18/2017
Ferrari's (NYSE:RACE) Portofino Debuts in Mainland China
5.sinlesss4 07/25/2018
Shares lower following the death of Sergio Marchionne
6.sinlesss4 02/14/2018
Morgan Stanley
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