1. moreau7317
2. lawclerk6868
3. hppytravels
4. msrobins66
5. piecollector
1.lawclerk6868 03/07/2018
Reduces corporate headcount by approximately 250 position
2.msrobins66 03/07/2018
3.hppytravels 04/03/2018
M&A speculation circulating
4.marcvaugh1 06/11/2018
received letter containing an increased offer to acquire the Company
5.piecollector 06/11/2018
Board been conducting a comprehensive review of strategic and financial alternatives
6.hppytravels 02/21/2018
It's a goner.
7.lawclerk6868 02/20/2018
Misses EPS loss estimates by $0.34 and misses on revenues
8.moreau7317 01/19/2018
Vintage previously made proposal to acquire the co for $13.00/share in cash
9.moreau7317 01/02/2018
CEO changed
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