1. johnknickerb
2. charmor126
3. user1mill
4. davcanvas77
5. si30
1.user1mill 03/27/2018
Recro Pharma Announces Publication of Phase III IV Meloxicam Bunionectomy Data in the Clinical Journal of Pain
2.charmor126 10/02/2017
Lets see some upgrades soon
3.charmor126 10/02/2017
NDA was just approved
4.xuxaparkus 05/24/2018
Janney Capital cuts PT to $11 from $21
5.johnknickerb 05/24/2018
Plummeting, $REPH. [
6.johnknickerb 01/18/2018
Great news but little movement!
7.user1mill 10/02/2017
How long have you been in?
8.davcanvas77 05/24/2018
Recro, more like retro.... as in the price
9.johnknickerb 02/13/2018
$REPH: Oppenheimer
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