1. chartsANDthangs
2. ca426
3. IttyBitty
4. MamisTrist
5. markmcginty13116
1.IttyBitty 02/08/2018
Reports Q4 EPS of $0.45. Beats on revenues.
2.ca426 03/01/2018
President Trump to meet with video game executives next week regarding violence/school safety - NBC
3.IttyBitty 11/02/2017
This comes out... {Image}
4.markmcginty13116 02/20/2018
5.markmcginty13116 10/31/2017
6.IttyBitty 11/02/2017
Blizzcon opening ceremony is tomorrow at 10AM PST
7.laaclove 03/21/2018
Share prices have taken a hit of late, but Jefferies is still on board.
8.IttyBitty 10/31/2017
Might get hit by EA's guidance?
9.chartsANDthangs 02/08/2018
After-hours buzz: EXPE, FEYE, NVDA, ZG & more
10.ca426 05/04/2018
Activision Blizzard Announces First-Quarter 2018 Financial Results
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