1. JimmyMcGill
2. 007Bondsman
3. paul0g7G
4. BUYtheWeak
5. jerryff
1.paul0g7G 10/05/2017
Dementia-related psychosis
2.007Bondsman 09/24/2017
Been in and out the last year. Anything else worth staying here for if no BO talk?
3.paul0g7G 09/29/2017
Rounding out
4.BUYtheWeak 10/05/2017
This is not the first time the FDA has granted Nuplazid "breakthrough therapy" status. It did so in 2014 in the PDP indication. $60.00+ before eoy.
5.JimmyMcGill 09/24/2017
Buy Out talk from the past
6.jerryff 01/19/2018
What’s the average Price Target for this?
7.paul0g7G 02/28/2018
ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2017 Financial Results
8.JimmyMcGill 09/15/2017
Up about 50% since low in Nov
9.JimmyMcGill 09/28/2017
Getting close to the last top
10.JimmyMcGill 10/05/2017
Over $40 opening?
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