1. SugarDaddy
2. moctzal
3. bwin5464
4. 49363
5. natou4583
1.SugarDaddy 03/14/2018
Arcadia Biosciences Inc (RKDA) Leaps Forward Towards Commercial Launch as Shares Shatter the Market Ceiling
2.bwin5464 03/11/2018
Buying More {Image}
3.moctzal 03/19/2018
perhaps once this settles
4.49363 03/15/2018
Goit in mid 30s!~
5.bwin5464 03/14/2018
Lucky SOBs
6.SugarDaddy 03/19/2018
Arcadia Biosciences Announces $10 Million Private Placement
7.yamiyellow 03/10/2018
Sucks, when did you sell it?
8.moctzal 03/10/2018
Do I feel sorry I sold $RKDA
9.SugarDaddy 03/14/2018
That is the big question
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