1. mwil56917
2. dopage4
3. eest6548hqazdu6z
4. baud2812bej6t0ed
1.eest6548hqazdu6z 06/28/2018
Thermo Fisher Scientific Signs Agreement to Acquire Gatan from Roper Technologies
2.dopage4 04/10/2018
DAT Truckload Freight Marketplace Expands Services with Load Visibility Platform
3.mwil56917 03/20/2018
DAT Unveils Upgrades to Popular Load Board at Mid-America Trucking Show
4.dopage4 02/02/2018
Sees FY18 EPS of $10.88-11.20, excluding non-recurring items, vs. $10.20
5.dopage4 02/05/2018
Down today but
6.mwil56917 05/21/2018
Company to acquire PowerPlan in $1.1 bln deal
7.mwil56917 02/02/2018
Beats EPS estimates by $0.09. Revenues in-line.
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