1. alwaysawinner4
2. jla4510
3. valezau
4. khil6778
5. emilyjaneclare
1.khil6778 01/26/2018
Prices offering by company and existing shareholders consisting of 5.18 mln shares of common stock at $22.00 …
2.khil6778 01/24/2018
Northland Capital reiterates Buy rating, $27.50 PT
3.alwaysawinner4 01/26/2018
Big time, thought this was going down!
4.emilyjaneclare 01/26/2018
Rapid7 Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Common Stock at $22, marketing it liking it
5.alwaysawinner4 01/23/2018
Never seen an offering and an ER together
6.johnforbeswilson 01/23/2018
Rapid7 Announces Proposed Public Offering of Common Stock, Preliminary Financial Results and 2018 Outlook
7.jla4510 01/26/2018
Maybe... we just hit the jackpot here
8.alwaysawinner4 01/23/2018
Check the news. Guidance up
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