1. whackvet
2. dmunz
3. 25omnihow
4. tcl2015
5. paul0g7G
1.tcl2015 10/02/2017
Is he involved with GS?
2.25omnihow 10/14/2017
Nice chart setup
3.dmunz 02/08/2018
Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc (AUPH) Is an Attractive Opportunity with 75% Upside
4.paul0g7G 10/16/2017
Would love to see $8 tomorrow, those numbers are way high
5.25omnihow 10/15/2017
Anyone see this BO calc?
6.paul0g7G 03/15/2018
Beats EPS loss estimates by $0.10
7.whackvet 10/16/2017
Combine a disease with a huge unmet need and no approved treatments with a drug that could be the most effective ever at treating the disease, and you have the recipe for a biopharmaceutical success s
8.25omnihow 10/03/2017
Why Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Could Be a Gold Mine for Growth Investors
9.dmunz 02/08/2018
RBC Capital initiates as an outperform, $9PT
10.tcl2015 10/14/2017
On target for 30%. At this rate, we hit $8 this week.
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