1. BollingerBands
2. scramble68
3. techforhire08
4. scary02
5. password674
1.BollingerBands 01/31/2018
What's the news, you ask?
2.techforhire08 02/21/2018
Gigya Solutions from SAP Help Companies Protect Customer Data and Build Trust
3.scary02 01/31/2018
Reports Q4 EPS of €1.77 (one report was an EPS beat by $0.22). Revenue of €6.81B (+1.3% Y/Y).
4.BollingerBands 01/31/2018
Leading Supply Chains Powered by SAP Ariba
5.password674 04/05/2018
SAP Completes Acquisition of Callidus Software Inc.
6.BollingerBands 02/06/2018
NatureSweet Transforms Procurement with SAP Ariba
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