1. er09
2. DontGiveMeLip
3. BuyHighSellLow
4. dguerrier765
5. Straightshooter
1.BuyHighSellLow 05/07/2018
Starbucks and Nestle Form Global Coffee Alliance to Elevate and Expand Consumer Packaged Goods and Foodservice Categories Around the World
2.BuyHighSellLow 11/02/2017
Dividend time?
3.benjn8119 01/26/2018
William Blair reiterates Outperform rating
4.BuyHighSellLow 09/30/2017
They dropped on national coffee day? That's just BS
5.dguerrier765 01/29/2018
Starbucks downgraded by Bernstein because China growth not enough to offset slowing US sales
6.er09 01/25/2018
NEWS TODAY... - Sees FY18 $2.48-2.53 vs $2.35
7.DontGiveMeLip 01/26/2018
Goldman Sachs removes from conviction buy list; remains buy-rated
8.er09 11/02/2017
Small coffee shops taking a bite out of SB
9.DontGiveMeLip 01/26/2018
Laugh, all the analysts must be longs
10.DontGiveMeLip 03/30/2018
Wedbush Securities has dropped its rating and lowered its price target for Starbucks as a result.
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