1. jdicovitsky
2. lottaboo
3. TickerTalk44
4. jwrboer
5. sunshine8596
1.TickerTalk44 09/18/2017
Up 3.2% after hours
2.jwrboer 06/08/2018
Steelcase to Acquire Smith System, Industry Leader in preK-12 Education Market
3.jdicovitsky 03/20/2018
Seeing EPS beat range reports of $0.03-$0.08. Beats on revenues.
4.sunshine8596 06/11/2018
Steelcase Unveils New Showrooms, Partnerships & Product Innovations at NeoCon 2018
5.jdicovitsky 02/05/2018
Sees Q4 EPS loss of $0.05-$0.07,
6.TickerTalk44 06/20/2018
Steelcase Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2019 Results
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