1. aprilMay53343
2. microdot22
3. 1833wearl
4. SPICKS100
5. lodavid49119
1.aprilMay53343 02/14/2018
Not sure why i bought to begin with.
2.1833wearl 03/05/2018
Avinger Regains Compliance with Nasdaq Listing Requirements
3.aprilMay53343 10/05/2017
Once this product it's mainstream everyone will regret selling. Their patents enough to survive
4.SPICKS100 03/19/2018
Continuation tomorrow?
5.SPICKS100 01/31/2018
Hmmmm: - Avinger Announces Reverse Stock Split
6.SPICKS100 10/05/2017
Closing the gap from recent news
7.SPICKS100 02/14/2018
-41.4% {Image}
8.lodavid49119 03/19/2018
Seems like it. Let the party begin!!!! $AVGR!!
9.lodavid49119 02/14/2018
Avinger Announces Pricing of $18 Million Underwritten Public Offering
10.aprilMay53343 01/22/2018
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