1. longswin
2. hgresser
3. GeniusByTrade
4. TradeChem
5. quickbird6
1.b0mares 02/07/2018
Next week!!! lol
2.longswin 10/05/2017
Might add a little more if it slows down....
3.army0f1 11/30/2017
Gene editing is the future of medicine.
4.hgresser 10/02/2017
2018 is the year of the biotechs?
5.b0mares 07/23/2018
Sangamo (SGMO): TxCell Acquisition Would Strengthen SGMO's Position as a Leader in the Field of of CAR-Treg Cell Therapy, Says CEO
6.longswin 10/02/2017
As of Today up 500% For the Year .... shorts will be itching
7.GeniusByTrade 02/07/2018
Great couple of days {Image}
8.GeniusByTrade 10/02/2017
Should I add more? EOY predictions?
9.TradeChem 04/24/2018
Announced that it has commenced an underwritten public offering
10.taroreader 02/22/2018
Really good ER!
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