1. quanyag
2. ChemCritique
3. troylonewolff
4. MamisTrist
5. pamnorth
1.troylonewolff 02/16/2018
Found Earnings : - Shake Shack Announces Fourth Quarter and Fiscal Year Ended 2017 Financial Results
2.pamnorth 05/04/2018
Piper Jaffray raises price target to $62 from $44
3.quanyag 02/15/2018
Got it. Not good
4.ChemCritique 02/16/2018
5.troylonewolff 05/07/2018
Shares have been surging,
6.ChemCritique 12/07/2017
Getting away from itself
7.quanyag 05/06/2018
8.troylonewolff 05/06/2018
9.MamisTrist 12/07/2017
Shake Shack's stock shoots up to 2-year high after Morgan Stanley upgradeShares of Shake Shack Inc. shot up 8.5% toward a two-year high in midday trade Thursday, after the fast-casual burger chain was
10.quanyag 08/03/2018
$SHAK going the wrong direction.
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