1. BillyMadison
2. ResearchKing
3. TexasBulldogs99
4. army0f1
5. 2017rogerthat
1.army0f1 10/05/2017
Morgan Stanley still upbeat, reiterates PT $109
2.TheGriper 09/12/2017
@BillyMadison lol yup they are ugly and old-fashioned. curious how all gonna play out
3.TexasBulldogs99 10/05/2017
Citron is a joke and should be investigated Left slams Shopify in the report, calling it a "completely illegal get-rich-quick scheme with a good software platform." But even with Wednesday's decline,
4.BillyMadison 10/05/2017
Ugly day
5.army0f1 10/05/2017
Is Citron Research Committing Securities Fraud?
6.2017rogerthat 11/04/2017
Shorts wont stop, should be in jail
7.BillyMadison 09/12/2017
@TexasBulldogs99 How'd you do today?
8.2017rogerthat 10/05/2017
Might be an opportunity here: Shopify is not a "get rich quick scheme." Shopify does not sell any products directly to the end consumer. The comparison to Herbalife is terrible. GMV is growing rapid
9.TexasBulldogs99 11/04/2017
Canaccord Calls Shopify a Buy
10.ResearchKing 11/05/2017
So they post first ever profit
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