1. ChartTracks
2. michaelj67
3. leegee4583
4. patronhzu
5. timperley33
1.michaelj67 01/31/2018
Wedbush reiterates Outperform rating, $45 PT
2.patronhzu 10/21/2017
Congrats everyone! {Image}
3.michaelj67 10/20/2017
Skechers stock rockets 42% to mark its biggest one-day gain since 1999 IPO
4.leegee4583 02/08/2018
not so good guidance
5.michaelj67 04/19/2018
Sees Q2 $0.38-0.43 vs $0.54
6.ChartTracks 02/08/2018
Trash today
7.ChartTracks 04/20/2018
SKECHERS Achieves New Quarterly Sales Record in First Quarter 2018
8.ChartTracks 02/08/2018
Right. {Image}
9.leegee4583 02/08/2018
Beats EPS estimates by $0.08 and beats on revenues
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